About Us


Tweed Valley Beef and Tweed Valley Pork is a family owned business located in the heart of the Tweed Valley in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Our family has been on our farm for 110 years. We are 5th generation farmers. Our farm has been in our family since 1910. Bruce aged 93, still lives on the farm and is an integral part of our business, passing on valuable knowledge and experience to the next generations. We work tirelessly on producing beautiful pasture raised beef, supplemented with hay and grain.

We are Meat Standard Australia (MSA) accredited. All our beef and pork is hormone free. We only use antibiotics to treat sick or injured livestock who require necessary treatment to ensure their good health and welfare. Our pork is produced under the Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ✓®).  

We are passionate and committed to ethical and sustainable farming.
In the 1990’s, we released thousands of recommended species of Dung Beetles
on our farms. Dung Beetles are instrumental in returning nutrients from livestock manure back into the soil. It also allows the soil to absorb more water due to the tunnels they burrow and reduce nutrient runoff. 

Over recent years, our family has planted over 4000 native riparian trees and plants along the Tweed and Oxley river banks of our farms to prevent erosion. This also creates a natural habitat for our native land and aquatic animals. We have planted legumes on our farms to naturally return nitrogen back into the soil which further enhances pasture growth.

We have also introduced multiple beehives on our farms to improve yield, consistency and crop quality for our pastures as well as pollinating surrounding native trees. 

We are passionate about producing top quality beef and pork which we breed, raise and nurture. Our livestock have a stress free life grazing on lush pastures along the Tweed and Oxley Rivers.

We believe in building a relationship between the farmer and the consumer where both parties benefit.  The consumer benefits by knowing their food is produced sustainably, ethically and locally.  By buying Tweed Valley Beef and Tweed Valley Pork,  you will ensure our 5th generation farming family will continue to grow and adapt to change for future generations.

We are proud of the quality, taste and high welfare standards of our beef and pork we produce. Everyone deserves to know where their meat comes from and how they are raised and cared for. Our promise to you is to provide you and your family with healthy, wholesome high quality meat that tastes good and is fresh, tender and nutritious. When you buy from us, you will be supporting your local farmer and you know exactly what you will be getting and you will certainly taste the difference.