$14.95 per kg dressed weight.

Approx. weight for Half Yearling is 75-100kg.
Approx. $1,120-$1,495
Average side of 75-90kg Yearling will yield approx. 14kg mince and 11kg sausages without ordering any extra mince or sausages.
Deposit of $250 required on order.
Collection is from Murwillumbah or arranged otherwise.
Allow up to 2-3 weeks from order to collection.
The balance will be paid prior to or at collection.
*Based on Dressed Weight Calculations*

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This order will depend on selling the other Half Yearling. Upon purchase, we will get in contact with you on the availability of your Half Yearling.

All cuts are Cryovaced or freezer bagged and labelled. There are several options to choose from and we ask you to indicate your preference. Please use the drop-down menus to select. The size and number of the packs will, of course, vary with the size of the Yearling.

If you desire a certain cut, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get in touch with our butcher to inquire your request.


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